My Favorite Posts…

In Chronological Order:

How to Help Improve Philippine Society?

Who Am I? Who Are You?

This is OBSCENE!

How Long, O Lord?

What Would Jesus Buy?

How Long, O Lord? (part 2)

Was Jesus Christ a Real Person?

Are the New Testament Documents Reliable?

Beautiful Ballet Between a Man Without a Leg and a Woman Without an Arm

Are the New Testament Documents Reliable? What About the Differences in the Manuscripts?

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Did the First Christmas Really Happen?)

Kudos to my Beautiful Wife

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Super Filipina Kid

Dead at 28

Change Of Address…Where do We Go From Here?

Will Dead Babies Go to Hell?

“A Bad Smell”

Muslims > Catholics? > All Christians?

Judging God

Life After Life After Death

Original Sin

To Understand, Stand Under

Dying for Rebels

16-year-old Charice Sings with Andrea Bocelli—Create Your Videos Online

Help Provide Safe Drinking Water to Thousands in Africa

THE Big Story

Woody Allen Interviews Billy Graham

Holiness Stems From Thankfulness

Filipino Slum Kid is One of the CNN Heroes for 2009


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