Happy Slip, Kabayans!

Hi there!

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday. I had a fun and refreshing week, with Christmas services, parties, blessed times for prayer and meditation with my wife, and family reunions with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and with my wife’s family. It’s not over yet. We have another family reunion with my brother and sister tomorrow the 31st, which will last until January 1.

Just wanted to visit the blog today and post a notice about a very talented and funny Filipina—Christine of Happy Slip. Her YouTube channel is now #5 in terms of subscriptions, and I believe she deserves all her success. She’s hilarious, and actually plays all the roles for her family members in her videos, a la Eddie Murphy—her lola, her mother, her father (!), her sister, her auntie and her cousin. She’s even among the 15 nominees for Balitang America’s Newsmaker of the Year by ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel.

Her videos showcase not only Filipino humor, but also the high value that we place on the family. Below are samples of her videos:

A Christmas jingle with a catchy (and hard-to-imitate 😦 )
backbeat on a plastic cup (!)


Thanksgiving—> Thanksliving
(she’s got a good point on this video)


And, kabayans, you’ll LOL when you learn where she got the “Happy Slip” tag 🙂 .

BTW, I’d like to thank Pastor Eyriche for pointing me to Happy Slip. Thanks, brother!


EXPELLED! No Intelligence Allowed!


Just learned about this. Late again, as usual 😦 .

Anyway, it’s still in Feb ’08.

A provocative movie, about the alleged suppression of Intelligent Design in the scientific and academic world.

According to the movie, scientists and professors who dare question Darwinism, or who openly admit the possibility of ID are ostracized, pressured, and sometimes even have their reputations smeared among their peers:


Here’s a longer (9 mins) trailer:



Looks like love month Feb ’08 would be a provocative month 😉 . One more movie to watch for!

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