Beautiful Ballet Between a Man Without a Leg and a Woman Without an Arm

A good friend* sent me this link, and I just HAD to post it today. It’s so beautiful and moving!

What an inspiring tribute to the human spirit, dignity, and will!




*Thanks, pastor Eyriche!


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4 Responses

  1. Grabe!!! One of the best ballet I’ve seen…. very moving and expressive, even with the physical “dis”ability….

    Thanks a lot….


  2. God is really fair! He gave us all the talents that we need, no matter what we are. It just depend on us how we use or not to use these talents at all. God bless!

  3. Thanks for your invitation. You reminded me of a dance troupe that I have nearly forgotten to keep it as one of my collections. Posted for your viewing pleasure at
    PS: Be posting this particular video of yours into mine too as the dance is very beautiful *sniff*

  4. thanks. great video. check out more about adversity at have a great day.

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