Kudos To My Beautiful Wife

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good holiday, and you’re all having a good start to the year.

Perry and I are having a GREAT start. We’ve been offered an opportunity to join a project which will benefit tens of thousands of Filipino micro-entrepreneurs. We had to create the proposal and some samples last week, and over the weekend, for submission this week. We really are praying that God will grant us this project. All praises and thanks be to Him!

My wife is truly a blessing. She is not only very loving, caring and understanding, dealing with all my baggage, but she’s also very wise. I always learn so much from her, most recently in connection with the offer regarding this new project.

Courting my wife at Keukenhof

Courting my wife at Keukenhof, the Netherlands, 2004 


It was possible for us to join the project because she was never idle during the 22 months that we were in the Netherlands, when I took up my Masters in Theology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She tried repeatedly to apply for a work permit but was never granted one all the time that we were there. Still, she kept herself busy. She wrote books and devotionals and children’s activity books and coloring books. She even started plans for other, much bigger projects (which she doesn’t want me to talk about now, because she’s still developing them).

Well, I finished my studies and we came back to the Philippines two years ago. She was recruited by a local partner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and now works both for that local partner and for the Philippine Bible Society. We set up a publishing company last year and published one of her coloring/activity books. The other projects were shelved and put on the back burner.

Until the last week of December. An old friend called her up and said that their organization was looking for some material for use in a new development which they want to begin this 2008. The friend knew that Perry was interested in such projects, since Perry was involved with microfinance NGO’s before we left for the Netherlands. The friend asked if Perry and I could develop something, even just a draft, which she could present to the decision-makers this first week of the year. Well, guess what? my incredibly gifted wife had already written something which fit perfectly with the project—two years ago, in Zaandam, the Netherlands! All we had to do was polish it and tailor it to the organization, and prepare a project proposal—which we all did in one week, last week.

It was still a bit tough, specially given the time constraints. But it was much easier than starting from scratch. We were able to submit something because Perry never allowed herself to be idle during the almost two years that she was not allowed to work. If she had not continued developing new materials and new projects all the time that she was being kept from working in the Netherlands, we would have been unable to take advantage of this opportunity when it knocked.

A great lesson from a great wife—a true woman of wisdom. Don’t just wait for opportunities, or be alert to them. We must also keep ourselves ready to take advantage of them when they do come. Never be idle! Continue developing yourself, continue developing new ideas, projects, and products, so that when the opportunity, contacts, and resources come, you will be ready.

Beauty at Swan Lake, Keukenhof

I love my wife! After 17 years of marriage, my love and admiration for her continues to grow. I love her even more than before. And I don’t just love her, I admire her—I’m a die-hard, life-long fan. God bless my wife! God bless Perry!


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16 Responses

  1. Congrats! This is quite inspiring. I’m also involved in development work through my work with the government. I agree with you, we should never stop learning and improving ourselves. Good luck to you both!

  2. Hi, kabayan.

    Thanks! So you’re also involved in development work? That’s great! I think I missed that bit of info on your site. Well, who knows? Maybe you, Perry, and I might be involved in a common project for our kabayans someday.

    God bless you!

  3. […] was blog hopping yesterday when I stumbled upon a post in where the husband stated his love, admiration and respect to his wife. Then I remembered the […]

  4. Great post of love 🙂

  5. Beautiful tribute to your lovely wife! I can see you are both very passionate and committed to each other and your calling. That, too, is worthy of praise!

  6. Grabe! ang swet! ay! ang sweet pala! nakakakilig! ingit ako!

  7. I like your blog very much! And I certainly want to thank you for your enthusiastic, very encouraging comments on mine. Getting a new reader like you is a real treat. Thanks again, and I’ll be back often to your blog. God bless, friend.

  8. Hi, Junelle.

    Salamat, kabayan!

    God bless you!


  9. Hi, Robin,

    Thanks very much! Sorry for the late reply. Been kinda busy with new projects.

    God bless you!


  10. Hi, Ina!

    Kumusta ka na? Perry and I pray that you’re doing well.

    Thanks very much for the visit and the comment 🙂 .

    God bless you!

    Mel (and Perry)

  11. John Shore!

    Wow! Awesome!

    I am not worthy! I am not worthy! 😉

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I apologize for the very late response. I’ve been a bit busy with projects. I continue to pray for your family at this time, especially for your Dad.

    May God continue to embrace and hold all of you!


  12. Geee… that’s sweet =)

    Everything happens for a reason, isn’t?

    Send my regards to your lovely wife and PLEASE let her know that YOUR efforts are all paid off for ‘blasting’ emails to all readers to read this particular post *grin*

    i aSpiRe tO gReaTneSs

  13. what a blessing! keep up the great work and pass along the word to the wonderful wife! it was great to have met you … till we meet again! god bless.

  14. Hi, Verlyn.

    Hahahaha! Sorry for the “blast”, and thanks so much for understanding 🙂 .

    You are very kind. God bless you!


  15. Hi, Rich.

    Hey, thanks so much for visiting. Please drop by again, soon. And please bring along some friends (Harold, etc.) 🙂 .

    God bless you!


  16. Hello Mel and Perry,
    This is truly awesome and inspiring story. I stumbled upon this site because i was trying to find some of my old schoolmates from Caloocan High School batch 1975.
    I have a strong feeling that your wife Perry is among our schoolmates. I hit two birds in one stone, not only did i find Perry, but also got inspired and felt a renewed energy to search for a new job. Perry may not remember me, but some of her former classmates are looking for her as well: Socorro Uy, Elvisa Yalong, etc.
    Good Luck. More Power and God Bless you.

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