Tinikling—Wonderful Filipino Folk Dance

Check this out! It’s an excellent modern version of the tinikling, a Filipino folk dance (modern in the sense that it’s more athletic and there are much, much more combinations).

Watch it and applaud!


Does Facebook Own Our Content? Perpetually???

I became aware of this just today, but it seems that Facebook has changed its terms of use, effective this month, to one that grants it rights to our uploaded content—seemingly perpetually!

Check this out: Facebook Privacy Change Sparks Federal Complaint

Seems that the new Terms of Use, effective this month, grants Facebook an “irrevocable, perpetual” license to use your “name, likeness, and image” in essentially any way, including within promotions or external advertising”—even AFTER we cancel our accounts and delete our stuff!

What do you think?

Holiness Stems From Thankfulness

Still very busy, but I’ve just read some great food for thought—HOLINESS STEMS FROM THANKFULNESS.

This one’s actually from Spurgeon. He says that we strive to live lives that please God because we are thankful for His love, mercy, and grace. Any attempt to live a holy life that pleases God, that is not an outflowing of our thanksgiving to Him, will be short-lived and will surely fail.

Hmm…good meat to chew on…

Have a blessed day. May it be full of reasons to give thanks to God