Theistic Evolution?

A visitor posted the following comments:

I do wonder why people don’t even consider that there might be a God who created everything through evolution


I do try to be tolerant of people, but thus far, I have seen nobody make a powerful argument for ID or creationism being an empirical science

I was about to respond to him that there are actually Christians who believe in what is called “theistic evolution”. Before I could do that,  I came across a favorable review in Christianity Today of a new book (2007) by Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome project. It’s called The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, and it argues for—guess what?—theistic evolution!

Soon as I could, I plan to get a copy of the book and read it, and I would also like to invite the original commentor to check it out, too, if he has time.

In the meantime, if anybody has already read the book, I would be VERY grateful for your comments. I think this idea is worth investigating, with the end of “following the evidence wherever it leads”. Thanks!

I am not yet for or against this position, as I have not yet had time to study it. But I think it is worth investigating and discussing, by Christians and non-Christians alike.



One Response

  1. I think it is a norm, in Finland at least, to assume both a God and evolution. People here are quite private about their religion, though, so it is kinda hard to tell.

    Somehow the entire ID vs. evolution seems like one huge false dilemma.

    I have trouble believing in people who claim that it is impossible for there to be something we could understand as a Judeo-Christian God. I have trouble taking seriously people who don’t believe in evolution, but that is probably due to lack of not listening closely enough what they really claim.

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