EXPELLED! No Intelligence Allowed!


Just learned about this. Late again, as usual 😦 .

Anyway, it’s still in Feb ’08.

A provocative movie, about the alleged suppression of Intelligent Design in the scientific and academic world.

According to the movie, scientists and professors who dare question Darwinism, or who openly admit the possibility of ID are ostracized, pressured, and sometimes even have their reputations smeared among their peers:


Here’s a longer (9 mins) trailer:



Looks like love month Feb ’08 would be a provocative month 😉 . One more movie to watch for!

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11 Responses

  1. I do wonder why people don’t even consider that there might be a God who created everything through evolution.

  2. There is certainly a great deal of censorship in our world; ideas should circulate and percolate freely on all sides; the truth has nothing to fear in a free market. It is only when inquiry is stifled that “Truth is forever on the scaffold; wrong forever on the throne.” Even so, truth will rise from the ashes a victor, just as Jesus rose from the grave. Such is the faith of a life-long seeker. Best – Charles Blair – Romans 8:2q28

    (Also recommended: writings of A. E. Wilder-Smith on these issues.)

  3. I watched the longer video.

    I do try to be tolerant of people, but thus far, I have seen nobody make a powerful argument for ID or creationism being an empirical science.

    As far as I am concerned, they belong to the realms of theology and metaphysics, which are interesting, often useful, but not empirical by any meaning of the word I know.

    My bias is that I am an agnostic in a secular western country, and studying math in university.

  4. the problem is i agree with Tommi. i too am a long student of mathematics and empirical science… our orientations are the same.

  5. Look for material by Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith, who was on Pharmacology faculty, University of Illinois, young-earth creationist, 3 earned doctorates, one in biology, one in pharmacology, one in theology. His work was challenging evn to me, and I agreed with it!

  6. Apparently Wilder-Smith’s main book against evolution was published in 1987. I had never heard of it. Apparently this book makes some kind of argument about “information”. It appears that he wishes to claim that evolution cannot come up with “new information”. Creationists still make this claim, but current evolutionary computer programs do create “new information” (which Wilder-Smith claimed was impossible in 1970). His 22 books and all the others listed on a typical “creationist reference works” web page are ignored by scientists.

  7. They offer to “bribe” schools to bring their kids:


    But hurry to register – there’s a limited amount of bribe money. Last come – not served.


  9. onein6billion,

    Your comment was extremely rude and totally uncalled for. It would provoke negative and possibly even angry reactions, which I do not want to have here.

    Please observe common courtesy and refrain from posting insults. If you wish to discuss your ideas as to why Christianity is not a valid belief, that is perfectly OK. If you wish to post or discuss such ideas, you are welcome here. But if you only wish to insult others, whether they are Christians or not, then you are definitely not welcome. Please post your insults somewhere else.

  10. onein6billion is making the rounds on blogs attacking anyone who thinks eXpelled might be worth a watch. Posting rude … arguments, it is very evident this person does not have an open mind when considering the scientifically valid points to Creationsim/ID. onein6billion just likes to lob emotional grenades.

  11. Hi, ransomed.

    Welcome to the site. Sorry for the late reply. I was teaching a summer module on the Old Testament prophets in a seminary in Davao for the last two weeks.

    Anyway, as you can see just from the comments he’s posted here, the guy does seem to want to provoke hostile responses.

    Well, as long as we’re not the ones who are rude and hostile 😉 (1 Peter 3:15-16).

    God bless you!


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